About Us

ElectroMan  Electronics  Store  offers to its customers an unparalleled shopping experience by providing most international brands under one roof and at guaranteed lowest prices. ElectroMan Electronics uniqueness in terms of an overall shopping experience is further enhanced by providing its customers with easy credit, 13 hour shopping in select outlets, extended warranty programs with a 24 hour free delivery and installation.

ElectroMan Electronics is the new retail concept that delivers a modern, dynamic and convenient shopping experience, with only one objective in mind - delighting its customers. With touch and feel displays, cash and carry shopping, highly trained sales force and the latest gadgets and gizmos, shopping at the ElectroMan  Electronics is a superlative experience. 

ElectroMan Electronics is the brand owner of eVio. Is produced in the largest factories in the world .  leading consumer electronics and home appliances brand in also it will be  available in other countries in the Middle East and Africa.