FORBES Personal Purifier
FORBES Personal Purifier

FORBES Personal Purifier

Personal Purifier
Price: RO. 9.900

Eureka Forbes Personal Purifier with Kitanu Magnet Cartridge
AquaSure with Kitanu Magnet inside a soft squeeze bottle has 100% chemical free water purification technology to deliver safe drinking water on the go. This is a unique technology that uses power of over 100 billion positively charged sites to attract and trap negatively charged pathogens and other impurities. Once these charged sites are blocked by water borne impurities and pathogens, water flow stops, which indicates that it is the time to change cartridge. Thus it assures safety of consumers. 

Special Features:-
Personal Purifier with Kitanu Magnet Cartridge
Free from harmful viruses,bactria and cyst.
Personal purifier reusable up to 600 times.
Reduces plastic waste of nearly 1000 half-litre bottles.
Member-Water Quality Association USA.
Endorsed by India Medical Association.
Volume 750ml.